Abbotsbury 6th/7th September Plaice Hunt

Well the wait for my prime plaice mark to open up for fishing has arrived and my first session there this year went well on the whole although it was hard work .I arrived on low water so had a brief go for codling while i waited for the sun to get up a bit higher .I didn't have high hopes of catching a cod what with the conditons/water colour and the trawler going round in circles in front of me So i wasn't  disappointed with a no show for them . Anyway 11am was soon appon me and  I was straight out with some dropper bling rigs and straight in to a nice paice target achieved on first cast resulting in a happy angler who could now chill for the rest of the day Bait was rag/lug

Not long after another about the same size also took a liking to a Rag/lug cocktail
About this time I was also catching some stunning little red mullet and a few Gurnard

   There is not much to report from the night fishing other then a small smooth hound making an appearance So got some kip and fished first light and despite the tide going out the fish were feeding with bream /plaice and a large jelly fish making an appearance

I should of had a few more plaice but  I need  to sit on my hands and not go so soon !

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