A Week Of Fishing ,Trip 4 Mission cod.....Part Two

After getting back to the car we decided to head on to the next venue before getting some sleep ready for the next days fishing .I think we managed 4 hours sleep but we were awaken by heavey rain and strong winds so glad we didn't camp on the beach ! We stocked up on bait at Abbotsbury before setting up are home for the next 24 hours .As David had so much gear I drove down the road to drop it all of insted of walking all along the beach although I thought we would be less likely to find Davids cod in this spot.Fishing started well though with another codling and lovely Tub Gurnard for me So I was now hopeful . But we needed the wind to die down as it was getting rather cold!
All of my fish were being caught at distance and this is probably why David couldn't connect with anything in daylight.I however now had a nice plaice all be it on a pulley pennel rig this does happens more often then you would think this time of year when people are fishing for cod
I alway thought  Saturday evening in to Sunday morning would be be the best time to fish with the sea calming and winds easing and so it proved to be.I would actually say there was to many fish about as I was having trouble getting past dog fish pout and whiting with regular double shots of fish on my pennel rigs .David however was catching his first cod !! JOB DONE
So we were both chuffed that he was going home having achieved his mission! not long after this my rod was smashed and the stand was heading towards the sea but sadly by the time I dislodged the reel from the stand it was gone so this was a bit disappointing but David was now catching his second codling and I was now getting worried he was going to over take me! but this was not the case as he went to bed at 1am and I followed not long after . Sunday morning arrived and there was still plenty of fish about I got straight in to another codling and  a couple of red mullet
And as they say 'save the best until last' and that is what happend on this trip with this lovely cod of 5lbs 9oz taking my rod over

                                                This was a great way to end my holiday

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