Dragons Teeth 17th November

Another day off work for fishing so I decided to make the long walk past the teeth which is about a 40 minute walk from the car park .I arrived at low tide with a calm sea and there was plenty of fish for the first 3 hours but they were all whiting. Strangely the fishing completely died from a couple hours before high water and over it but I was thinking they would come on the feed when the tide turned at 3:15pm so I had two pulley pennels rigs  loaded up with lugworm ready for then but at 3:13pm I had a slack liner and lost it in the gutter.So quickly chucked out the pulley pennel rig and before I could sit down it had already been slack lined resulting in a 3lbs codling not massive but the biggest of the week

I could not get through the whiting after this so I stuck to using simple rigs as the whiting were just going crazy but even the pulley pennel rigs didn't help as i was still getting two fish on each rig although most were of good size. I lost a big fish on a squid bait later but not to worry I will have him next time !

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