Greedy Cod Abbotsbury, 13th Dec

Having left everything until late this weekend I decided to go bait digging from 10:30pm - 01:00am Saturday night, then fish Abbotsbury from 06:30am .The digging was hard going towards the end as I split my pitchfork after an hour and a half but persisted with a now mini fork! and managed to find what looked enough to head back to the car for some kip.I was hoping to sleep until 6am then fish but I basically sat in my car trying to sleep until it was time to hit the beach.. Not much happened until the ebb when I started getting a fish a cast all be it whiting ,pout ,dogs etc and this was really hammering my bait supply after only a couple hours . A mate called me and suggested that I should try a live bait rig if my bait was that low .So I started to bait a small hook with little blow-lug .....the whiting found them with ease the only problem was they were all large whiting and pulling the weight free but I kept at it and noticed my rod had slack-lined again so went to reel in the whiting but realised it was somewhat bigger then a whiting when I picked the rod up! This was the only good fish of the day but it was great to see it come out the surf with a big old whiting hanging out of  its mouth so I think i will be doing a bit more live baiting now !!!!

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